The Formation of Day and Night: The Unpublished Skyblind Prologue

The following is an unpublished piece I wrote for Skyblind when I was designing the history of the world. At one time, I thought it could serve as a prologue, but I opted to cut it out. This does not contain any spoilers for the novel. I decided to publish it here on my blog for those who would like more content or might find this history interesting.

“This is the true account of how two warring gods created Day and Night.

In the beginning, the kingdom of Anaciencia knew nothing but darkness. All of its citizens were blind of light’s glory. This was the Dark Age of Man.

One day, the glorious Syyris Sagrado and his brother Plyyston descended from the Heavens. Seeing great potential in humanity, the two holy dragons sought to illuminate the world. Combining their fire-breath, Syyris and Plyyston formed a massive ball of fire to hang in the sky. They named it “sun”, and the light it brought “Day”.

Humanity was grateful for the sight they gained and so they worshipped the two dragons. But the worship was not equal.

Syyris was easy to love. He was shiny and beautiful, with green scales and marbled black eyes. Plyyston, however, was ugly, and nothing about his veiny black wings or contorted face could compare with the awe and power that Syyris inspired. The creation of the sun revealed their stark differences to the world. Humanity saw Syyris was the greatest god, while Plyyston was perceived as a lesser helper.

Plyyston grew jealous of his brother’s beauty and adoration. In a fit of rage, he shoved the sun as hard as he could, loosening it from its rightful place in the sky and scattering the light it gave. The sun spiraled helplessly below the horizon. The land was once again plunged into the darkness that Plyyston named Night.

Without any light to reveal his form, Plyyston went from a repulsive, disrespected lesser god to an unpredictable god of fear and chaos. Most of humanity was in anguish without the illumination of the holy sun. Some, however, found that in the dark they could more easily commit evil acts. They learned to prefer Night.

This began the First War, which was fought in Anaciencia between the Ancients who served Syyris and those who chose the Night of Plyyston.

The final battle, known as the Great Purge, took place over the Ancient City, where Syyris overpowered Plyyston by mercilessly tearing the wings from his body and casting him down to the depths of the Earth.

Powerless and without flight, Plyyston went from a mighty dragon-god to a pitiful snake. All those who served him in the war were marked and disfigured by the holy flames of Syyris and were banished from Anaciencia forever. These are the former humans who we know today as the “Locura.”

Although Syyris won the war, the corruption of Plyyston could not be undone. The sun is forever in motion around the Earth, and for 6 months every year, Night returns.

As a result of this reoccurring darkness, Syyris gathered seven of Anaciencia’s greatest wizards and formed The First Elder Order. These are the ones who were taught the secret to harvesting Essence from the sun. Essence brought magic into the world, and made it possible for light to exist during Night. Humanity could now defend itself against the raging of the jealous Locura and their fallen god.

For hundreds of years, Syyris has ruled justly as the sole deity. As long as he and the Elders are obeyed, there is nothing to fear from Plyyston, the Devil of Darkness, or his spawn.”

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