In a world with only two seasons – Day and Night – light is all that separates the living from the cursed. For when Night falls, the Locura plague the land…

Corwin Medisto is turning 16 and becoming a man, but that’s the furthest thing from his mind. He and his twin sister Taylee have discovered an ancient relic fueled by dark magic that has a mysterious link to their long dead mother. Worse yet, they’ve accidentally activated it.

Desperate to learn the truth of its origins and to break free of its curse, three friends embark on a quest that leads them to come face to face with Syyris Sagrado, the god of Day, and to discover a forbidden power greater than the forces of Day … and Night.

"Skyblind is everything you could wish for in a great story: captivating characters, fast-paced plot, and a fully realized fantasy world with magic, mystery, romance, and swashbuckling action. But there’s something more here, too: a transcendent quality. This tale is shot through with glimmers of ravishing, otherworldly light." 

~ Mike Mason, 

Author of The Blue Umbrella 

“How slow a death does the sun die?
It sinks forever in the sky.
Around us, circle, then descend,
A little closer to Lights end.

Now Darkfall rise, and oh how sweet.
The nectar of a gods defeat.
For in the dark, all men are blind.
Death needs not eyes for man to find.”